ATM Remote Site Support

ATM service uptime is very critical in keeping up with the competition and satisfying customer demand for convenient banking and power is critical in this regard. With the trend of power instability, getting a reliable cost-effective alternative power solution to support your ATM business is essential.

Callens is currently supporting service providers in this area with our Solar Power Solutions to support ATM services. The solution is a green technology, based on inverter technology with power captured through photovoltaic panels.

Commercial Solutions

Callens Solutions provides engineering design and installation service for commercial power systems

Residencial Solutions

We offer compact and portable solar home power system unit which is easy to install and starts generating electricity within minutes delivering profitability from day one.

Designed for residences, small offices and remote locations. Solar system powers your requirements during the day and can store the excess power into the battery bank to meet your needs during night & non sunny days.

Our system features high efficiency PV modules mounted over a robust collapsible structure giving it a compact foot print and a longer product lifetime in outdoor conditions.

Industrial Solar Power System

Callens Solutions provides complete remote power systems for various industries ranging from small power systems for instrumentation to large remote power systems for telecommunications sites.

Our complete remote power systems include solar panels, battery backup systems, solar regulators, AC inverters systems, equipment enclosures and system mounting.