Cyber Security

Governance, Risk & Compliance

Callens Solutions' Auditing & Compliance services gives a unified overview of your vulnerability and security systems to ensure risk visibility, guarantee account protection, comply with security policies and respond to any security threats in a timely manner.

From network security audit to information security audit, all kinds help to determine the effectiveness of your implemented IT security solutions.

Security risk & compliance standards such as ISO 27001 and PCI DSS can assist organisations meet the challenges of data protection act and ultimately GDPR. Establishing and supporting a culture that understands the value of information is crucial including the protection of data. The commitment of management coupled with individual ownership and responsibility, as well as an effective security awareness training and education is required.

Callens’ approach is to assist organizations reduce overhead operational costs and disruptions which are associated with meeting regulatory compliance. We would also help in identifying the right scope pertaining to meeting this compliance in the areas of people, processes and technology. This has been our approach over the years in assisting organizations meet regulatory compliance as well as reduce cost of operations. Our audit strategy is to present you with a scope indicating your present state and what will be required to achieve the desired state as stipulated against standards such as ISO 27001:2013 and PCI DSS.

Penetration Testing & Cybersecurity

Our expert pentesters conduct authorized in-depth and comprehensive assessments of network systems exposing all confidential information similar to real world cyber attacks. These discoveries are then documented and transformed into actionable remediation steps all in an effort to protect your brand and reputation.

We actively analyse your critical assets for potential vulnerabilities due to misconfigurations, software flaws and missing patches. The analysis is done using tools used by potential attackers in exploiting vulnerable systems. Potential risks identified during these exercises are assessed for their likelihood and impact after which recommendations on remediation are presented to the customer.

Effective pentests will assist in:

  • • Quantifying and proactively minimizing business risks
  • • Protecting business brands and reputation from cyber attacks
  • • Validating security safeguard’s effectiveness
  • • Preventing system downtimes
  • • Meeting regulatory requirements


We also provide additional services such as Social Engineering, Phishing Campaign and Cybersecurity Awareness training.

Incident Response & SOCs

Cyber incidents are bound to happen and when they do organizations need to be ready to quickly respond and recover from those incidents. Callens provides assistance to organizations to enable them proactively tackle such issues when they occur. We provide a range of cyber security incident response solutions such as proactive, defensive and responsive solutions for organization's infrastructure security as well as information. In the face of modern day cyber threats, customers are assured of piece of mind when they team up with us in the management of their incident response programs.

We help you reduce the costs of a security breach to your organisation while accelerating the maturity and capabilities of your IT organisation by ensuring they know just what to do when the presence of a threat actor is identified.

Improve Readiness Reduce Response Time, and Minimise the Impact of a Security Breach

What we offer

  • Incident Management Risk Assessment
  • Incident Response Plan Review & Development
  • Incident Management Retainer
  • Incident Response Workshops & Exercises
  • Targeted Threat Hunting



More and more organizations are putting up SOCs to either meet regulatory compliance or legal requirements. By adapting to best practice and using security scenarios, organizations are assured that investments made in setting up a SOC would go along way to address business threats whilst supporting regulation and compliance efforts. Other benefits organizations derive from the use of a SOC are reduction in reputational and financial impact likely to occur from a cyber incident.

Callens helps organizations to set up SOCs that focuses on threats to their business operations, recognising serious incidents and ensuring that they are responded to quickly and appropriately.

We help your organisation to focus its SOC on the threats that really matter to their business, recognise the really serious incidents when they occur, and make sure that response is quick and appropriate. This means making sure that customers have the right threat intelligence, are gathering the right event data, applying the right analytics, prioritising the right incidents and responding in the right way. Most importantly, the SOC team needs to have the right mind-set and understanding of the business context.

We help you to:


  • • Choose the best deployment options for your SOC using the best tools
  • • Build your own in-house SOC, by implementing the right SIEM tools tailored to your business needs and risk appetite
  • • Equip your SOC team by offering training in triage and incident response.

Digital Forensic Services

Callens Solutions has technical specialists who can identify, isolate and expose digital evidence using forensic tools from networks and electronic devices. Lost data, encrypted drives and compromised data by malicious actors can all be retrieved using our state-of-the-art forensic tools. At Callens we take pride in providing our clients with responsive and timely advice on forensic issues.

Altogether, we offer forensic services in the area of Cyber investigations, data acquisition and collecting data from mobile devices with various supporting OSes such as windows, IOS and Android.


Managed Security Services

By providing you with the right vulnerability assessment reports, you are assured of the security status of the business. This managed service provides customers with the peace of mind to focus their energies on core business functions whilst we take over the maintenance and administrative burdens of your vulnerability management program.

Managed VA is quite crucial in the identification and remediation of vulnerabilities existing within your entire infrastructure thus reducing the risk of exposure. To ensure that customers experience a complete 360 security view, regular pentests will be carried out alongside these assessments.

Vulnerability Scanning helps you:
Assess your IS infrastructure to identify areas potentially at risk whilst providing you with the right support and addressing these gaps Protecting the CIA (Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability) of your entire IS infrastructure Improve your business continuity through the reduction of the probability of security breaches In meeting compliance with regulations and certified standards e.g. PCI DSS, ISO 27001 etc. Optimize and evaluate your security investments to ensure value addition