Product Details

ATM security is a mandatory requirement from Bank of Ghana(BOG) to ensure transactions enabled through ATMs are secure and also protect customers, assets of financial institutions and the integrity of every transaction. The camera solution is a key evidence gathering mechanism to resolve transactional disputes.

Callens has taken into consideration the challenges posed be transactional disputes, security and CCTV coverage analysis and have developed the solution that makes for multiple stream of evidence and easy access to data captured. The proposal outlines Callens’ VISUS+ FusionX Camera Solution - the newest upgrade to the Classic VISUS+


VISUS+ is a Multi-Cam solution that captures HD Videos of the transactional process when a customer goes to the ATM to make a transaction. The application tags the videos with customer information, transaction reference and timestamps it.

The application can be flexibly configured to capture Key transactional steps defined by the client or the entire transactional process is captured on video. The footage is digitally stamped with the defined transactional information and sent over a secured connection to a server for processing. The application supports collection, management of video data in a multi-vendor ATM network environment. The application supports scheduled transfer of data and or realtime transfer of data depending on available bandwidth and the required storage to handle the data generated.